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  • Comfort is the Goal of Hospice

    One of the major goals of hospice care is keeping the patient as comfortable as possible. When dealing with the progression of an illness, comfort goes beyond keeping the pillows fluffed.  What can hospice workers do to help patients feel more comfortable?  Hospice staff receive special training in caring for an array of physical and ...

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  • Advance Care

    Advance Care Directives

    Sitting around the kitchen table talking about your end-of-life wishes may not sound like an appealing evening, but it is a much better alternative to having the same conversation in the emergency room or at a hospital bedside. Known as advance directives or advance care planning, these prepared documents or written statements can help a ...

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  • Hospice Care

    Where to Look for Support Groups

    While everyone experiences loss in a unique and personal way, listening to stories of how others cope with grief offers compelling insight and opportunity to glean helpful strategies, and can aid in healing and recovery. Support groups provide just such an opportunity to share feelings, strategies for coping and, sometimes, a shoulder to cry on. ...

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