Hospice Care

Hospice care focuses on providing comfort and quality of life rather than treatment for a cure, for patients in advanced stages of an illness. ALC’s holistic approach to hospice care offers medical services, emotional support and spiritual services to treat the whole patient. ALC also helps loved ones and family members manage both the emotional challenges and practical details of caring for their loved ones.

Who is eligible for Hospice Services?

According to Medicare guidelines, if you have Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and meet these conditions you are allowed hospice care:

  • Your hospice doctor and your regular doctor, if you have one, certify that you are terminally ill with a life expectancy of six months or less.
  • You accept palliative care for comfort instead of curative care.
  • You sign a statement choosing hospice care instead of other Medicare-covered treatments.

Medicare guidelines may cover a number of hospice team services, including:

  • Doctor services
  • Nursing care
  • Medical equipment related to hospice diagnosis
  • Medical supplies related to hospice diagnosis
  • Prescription drugs related to hospice diagnosis
  • Social worker
  • Spiritual care
  • Hospice aide and homemaker services

Remember, physician’s orders are needed in order to receive palliative and hospice care. Once the orders are received, an ALC Palliative and Hospice Care representative will speak with you about your needs and ask questions about your health.

We respect all cultural and spiritual traditions. Patient services are provided without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability (mental or physical), communicable disease, or place of national origin.

ALC Hospice Care Team

Hospice care involves many different types of providers from various specialties, depending on the needs of the patient. The team may include hospice care physicians and nurses, social workers, clergy, nutritionists, volunteers, and physical, occupational and/or speech therapists and other designated professionals who work with the family to determine the most effective approach to treating the whole person.


At the heart of hospice care is the volunteer, who in a variety of different ways, has the power to make a difference for patients and their loved ones, as they reach the end of their life journey. A volunteer steps in to bridge the gap between the services of the professional care team, and the patient’s family. Services may include, but are not limited to: companionship/friendship, reading or telling stories, writing letters, sharing the patient’s hobby such as playing cards or knitting, running errands and more.

We will offer orientation for those willing to donate their time and talents. Call ALC Palliative and Hospice Care for additional information.

Hospice Care Costs

ALC Palliative and Hospice Care services are generally covered by Medicare and private insurance. The ALC Palliative and Hospice Care administrative team is available to verify your benefits, coordinate coverage, and complete the billing process.

Call ALC at 630-480-6887 or toll free at 866-884-5944 for assistance in determining eligibility.

Our Services

The professionals of ALC Palliative and Hospice Care understand that every individual is unique with varying needs, desires and concerns. After a comprehensive assessment, ALC’s multidisciplinary team will work with the patient and family, in order to develop an individualized patient-centered care.

Ongoing assessments will occur in order to continually accommodate the patient and family needs.

Bereavement aftercare actually starts at the beginning of hospice care, helping the patient and family cope with imminent loss. This also includes advanced care planning, emotional support, and connecting with appropriate resources.

The services and staff provided by ALC are available 24 hours on-call to meet the needs of our patients and their families.

Services May Include:

  • Home visits
  • Coordination of care across settings
  • Patient and family determined care plan and treatment goals
  • Patient and family education
  • Hospice aides to help with personal care like bathing and dressing
  • Medication, equipment and medical supplies related to illness
  • Social workers and counselors for emotional support
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Trained volunteers to talk, listen, and run errands
  • Therapy as needed for safety and quality of life
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Therapy as needed for safety and quality of life
  • Respite care or short term inpatient care as necessary in a nursing community
  • Aftercare for 12 months

ALC Home Health Palliative and Hospice Care will serve a three county geographic area in Northern Illinois, to include:
Cook, DuPage, and Will.